4 November 2010 Apache: Air Assault - Website

A new Apache: Air Assault Website is online as the official home to the upcoming flight combat simulator from Gaijin Entertainment (Developer) and Activision Publishing Inc. (Publisher).

16 November 2010 Announcing Braveheart, a New Action RPG for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

Find the Holy Grail, win half the kingdom and the princess' hand in marriage. What could go wrong?

2 Dezember 2010 Gaijin Entertainment’s Action-Packed Braveheart Now Available for iPhone and iPad

Award-winning video game developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced that their first self-published game, Braveheart, is now available in Apple’s App Store. In this expansive action / role-playing game, players will fight their way to the Holy Grail on their handheld iOS device of choice. Braveheart sells for $1.99 for iPhone / iPod Touch and $2.99 for iPad, with free lite versions also available for iPhone.

6 Dezember 2010 First reviews of Braveheart.

First reviews of Braveheart.

8 Dezember 2010 Braveheart HD for iPad trailer, plus discount on iPhone version.

Gaijin Entertainment is following up on last week's release of Braveheart HD for iPad with a trailer that shows off the game's epic scenery and bloody battles in stunning high definition.

16 Dezember 2010 IGN: "Review of Braveheart"

Braveheart is a good, tough action game. Every time you play, you acquire something...

24 Dezember 2010 Christmas greetings from Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin Entertainment wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

17 Februar 2011 Red Army's Day - Get 50% OFF!

Discount on YUPLAY - 50% off on popular flight simulators.

21 März 2011 Wings of Prey DRM Free and discounted to $14.99 on

Gaijin Entertainmentis announcing the release of a new update for Wings of Prey