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Game Info

Crazy Killer is a MMO action game where all players have randomly assigned roles — citizen, sheriff or killer. Еach role has a goal — civilians need to survive, the sheriff has to eliminate the killer and the killer should destroy everyone and become the last player standing. But nobody knows who is who! One of your neighbors could be a sheriff and someone could be an insidious killer.

Suspect everyone! Trust no‑one!

Key Features

  • Search for the enemy — Anyone could be the killer!
  • Atmospheric levels in different styles.
  • Special weapons and skins for different roles.
  • Items and special abilities to discover, confuse or repel the killer.
  • Masking features — hide your role, pretend to be someone else.
  • Freedom of tactics — many ways to win and earn experience.
  • Special skins with open roles for the most confident players.
  • Cartoon graphics — Why so serious?

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