23 July 2015 Backstory And Post-Apocalyptic World Revealed in New Screens For Vehicle Combat MMO Crossout

Vehicle mayhem is order of the day as these awesome new screenshots and backstory reveal, these carefully crafted futuristic combat vehicles do battle in a post apocalyptic setting where survival depends on upgrading vehicles and destroying enemy drivers.


1 July 2015 War Thunder Releases ‘Cold Steel’ Update 1.51

Introducing New Historical Era of Tanks, Battle Trophies, Endless Battle Mode and First Winter Map For Ground Forces

5 June 2015 Hit MMO WWII Simulator War Thunder Launches for New NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Device

‘War Thunder’ Adds Android to Platform Cross-Compatibility List with NVIDIA SHIELD Release

25 March 2010 Anarchy: Rush Hour available for download on PSN in the US

Put the pedal to the metal in a no-holds-barred arcade racing game that will challenge even the most experienced virtual drivers! Gaijin Entertainment is proud to announce the release Anarchy: Rush Hour...

7 April 2010 Wings of Prey expansion Wings of Luftwaffe released

Gaijin Entertainment, a leading Russian developer and publisher, announced today the online release of Wings of Luftwaffe, the first major add-on for the popular World War II air combat simulator for the PC, Wings of Prey. The expansion features ten single-player missions, support for up to four players in co-op mode, two new planes and over 40 skins for various planes

10 May 2010 The official pages of Death Track: Resurrection and Anarchy: Rush Hour games are opened.

Death Track: Resurrection introduces high speed vehicular chaos to the PS3 as players travel to a future in which the world has been plunged into chaos... Anarchy: Rush Hour. Put the pedal to the metal in this no-holds-barred arcade racing game that will challenge even the most experienced virtual drivers!..

9 July 2010 US, Russia and China fight it out on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

Gaijin Entertainment announced today the release of Modern Conflict for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad...

7 October 2010 Gaijin's site - reload!

Gaijin Entertainment is glad to present a new Official Website. Welcome!

5 October 2010 New features in Modern Conflict!

We are glad to presents you new features which will be avaliable in Modern Conflict!