23 December 2020 Explore the Unforgiving Post-Apocalyptic World of Age of Water

The publisher of War Thunder and Crossout revealed a new online game

21 December 2020 The War Thunder “Hot Tracks” update brings Italian helicopters, Battle of Jutland heroes and more

An update to the War Thunder engine introduces realistically simulated caterpillar tracks that get quite hot in the heat of the battle

9 December 2020 Cuisine Royale Shooter Levels Up and Transforms into CRSED: F.O.A.D.

Radically revamped game is getting PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions as well.

20 November 2020 War Thunder receives the biggest update ever

The ‘New Power’ update brings a new engine, next-gen consoles version, battleships, new aircraft carriers, VTOL aircraft and more

13 November 2020 New MMO Squad Based Shooter Enlisted is Available Now for Xbox Series X|S and PC Players

The Closed Beta Starts Today Bringing The “Battle for Moscow” Campaign

30 October 2020 War Thunder is deploying blue-water navy

Battlecruisers and battleships, including HMS Dreadnought, will join the battle

28 October 2020 Crossout players celebrate Halloween and collect creepy carnival rides for their theme parks

The update also brings the new Phantom armoured vehicle with an invisible driver

28 October 2020 War Thunder gets a new engine and is going to be released on next-gen consoles

The “New Power” update brings numerous other updates hinted at in the announcement teaser trailer

15 October 2020 Enlisted will be a next generation Xbox timed console exclusive and a part of the launch line-up

The Battle for Moscow will be the first campaign available with the Normandy Invasion to follow


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