25 September 2013 Skydive: Proximity Flight will launch this October in Playstation Network

Gamers will be able to experience the extreme sport of wingsuit flying with help of motion controllers on October, 1st in US and on October, 2nd in Europe.

25 September 2013 War Thunder & Skydive: Proximity Flight bring breathtaking action in immersive virtual reality gameplay to Oculus VR's booth at Eurogamer EXPO

Developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment, recent winner of Gamescom’s Best Simulation Game for War Thunder, announced today that Eurogamer Expo (London, UK, September 26-29) attendees will be able to experience the exhilarating highs and lows and the turbulence in between using the Oculus Rift platform to play War Thunder and upcoming Skydive: Proximity Flight.

26 August 2013 War Thunder wins "Best Simulation" award at GamesCom 2013

Gaijin Entertainment Flies Away with Coveted Gamescom 2013 Award after PlayStation 4-version Premiere and Showing Ground Forces for War Thunder.

19 August 2013 War Thunder at Gamescom 2013!

Visit the Gaijin Entertainment’s Booth at Gamescom 2013 to Participate in Contests to Win Prizes and Get Hands-On With the ‘Best Sim’ Gamescom Award Nominee!

14 August 2013 Mac OS Users Will Be Able To Enter War Thunder’s Beta Program this September

Gaijin Entertainment announces that War Thunder’s Beta program for Mac OS is scheduled to start after September, 10th. To enlist in the beta, players will have to sign up for it at official website.

1 August 2013 Gaijin Entertainment to Launch the Extreme Sport of Base Jumping in Skydive: Proximity Flight This Fall

Gaijin Entertainment developers collaborated with legendary skydivers Jokke Sommer, Andrey Boldyrev and Halvor Angvik to bring the exhilaration and danger of extreme sport base jumping to life.

14 May 2013 Gaijin Entertainment to Bring War Thunder to Playstation®4

The Power of PlayStation 4 Will Take War Thunder To New Gameplay Heights

23 April 2013 Fantasy Conflict, Gaijin Entertainment’s Addictive Real-Time Strategy Game, Comes to the Mac App Store

Mobile hit from the developer of Modern Conflict can now be enjoyed by Mac gamers worldwide

18 April 2013 War Thunder Presents In-game Voice Chat

War Thunder, the next generation Massively Multiplayer Online combat game dedicated to World War II aviation, ground and naval forces, now has in-game voice chat for better coordination between players.