28 October 2020 Crossout players celebrate Halloween and collect creepy carnival rides for their theme parks

The update also brings the new Phantom armoured vehicle with an invisible driver

28 October 2020 War Thunder gets a new engine and is going to be released on next-gen consoles

The “New Power” update brings numerous other updates hinted at in the announcement teaser trailer

15 October 2020 Enlisted will be a next generation Xbox timed console exclusive and a part of the launch line-up

The Battle for Moscow will be the first campaign available with the Normandy Invasion to follow

29 September 2020 The Crossout update adds a post apocalyptic amusement park building feature

Players can now design maps to test drive their vehicle designs

29 September 2020 “Strategist” wargame begins in War Thunder

Winners will get four new rare military vehicles, including the modern Merkava tank

4 September 2020 War Thunder adds European supersonic attack planes and the first African American fighter pilots

The “Raining Fire” Content Update brings dozens of various military vehicles, including the latest Russian tanks

31 August 2020 War Thunder presents two new modes based on real world military competitions

Exclusive Tank Biathlon and Sea Biathlon events coincide with International Army Games

7 July 2020 Ruthless post apocalyptic football begins in Crossout

Other updates include a dangerous new map with some mysterious ruins.

15 June 2020 Crossout players will find a new home for their vehicles at the cannibal farm

New tasks, vehicle parts, updated maps and other features added to the game.


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