26 April 2018 Star Conflict’s Fleet Revamp Update is Complete

New spaceships, weapons, equipment, and special modules are now available!

19 April 2018 Crossout: Return Of The Knight Riders!

The post-apocalyptic ‘Knechte’ have returned to the wastelands and brought an impressive arsenal of equipment with them.

18 April 2018 War Thunder launches the ‘Chronicles of World War II’

Four new and unique vehicles are obtainable in this year’s in-game event series, plus plenty of decals, decorations and more.

5 April 2018 Crossout: ‘Battle Royale’ Mode Now Available!

32 Players Face Off On The Biggest Crossout Location Yet!

1 April 2018 Silent Thunder: The new game from the creators of War Thunder

Dive, Dive, Dive!: First Open Test of Tactical Submarine Game This Weekend!

15 March 2018 War Thunder Moves To Dagor 5.0 Engine: Improved Graphics and Sounds

Massive Update 1.77 ‘Advancing Storm’ enhances visuals, audio, and enters next-gen armored warfare with M1 Abrams, Challenger 1, Leopard 2K, T-64B & more.

8 February 2018 Crossout: ‘Firestarter’ Faction Now Released!

Content-Update 0.9.0 Adds New Parts, Features and Plenty of Fire-Power.

23 January 2018 Crossout Turns Up The Heat: ‘Firestarters’ Faction In Pre-Release

Upcoming ‘Hot Spot’ event in Crossout grants Early Access to new parts, weapons & more.

21 December 2017 Star Conflict: Journey Update - A Great Space Adventure’s New Beginning

The "Journey" Update for Star Conflict has been released, which will gradually roll out a complete redesign of the leveling system.


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