Armored aircraft arrived in Crossout marking the start of the Faction War

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the Sky Raiders update for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. It is dedicated to armored flying vehicles, which players can build and pilot in battle in the same way as armored ground vehicles. At the same time, the eponymous season of the battle pass with 75 levels of rewards - in-game resources, cosmetic items and vehicle parts - was launched. The Faction War has also started in Crossout. It’s an event lasting for weeks offering the players valuable prizes for supporting one of the sides of the conflict.

A lot of new vehicle parts have been added to Crossout that players could use to either fly themselves or not to let others do it. Several models of propellers and a wide range of structural parts allow you to build the most bizarre variants of post-apocalyptic flying machines - ranging from tiny ones relying on speed to heavy monsters with incredible firepower. The new armament types include, for example, a mine-laying machine "B12 Dove". It’s a bit tricky to use: when attacking from low altitudes, its bombs explode with a slowdown, but when they’re dropped from high altitudes, they explode immediately on impact and with a quarter more damage. ZA-4 Zvezdopad anti-aircraft autocannon is also worth mentioning, as its shells are designed so that when they fly near the target, they explode and hit it with shrapnel. 

Four new maps have been created specifically for the battles of armored aircraft. 

"Air Harbor" is the former science complex of the Waderkvarn Corporation on the dam at Red Rocks.  The map has covered areas on each side for the safety of ground vehicles, as well as elaborate environments for vertical gameplay. 

"Wolf Outpost" is a former Stratofort Components factory with foundries where components for military aircraft were once manufactured. Using the large stockpile of materials and facilities preserved here after Crossout, the Steppe Wolves were able to restart production of propellers and hulls for armored aircraft.

"Sanctuary" is the Syndicate's lair, where nature's riotousness is juxtaposed with real cyberpunk.  The map is modeled so that even if your ground vehicle is equipped with a coarse weapon, the player will have the opportunity to dodge and shoot into the sky. 

"Gate of the Valley" is a desert canyon with tunnels where you can temporarily take cover from enemy flying vehicles' fire. There are also airships on the map, which will not allow players to hover in one place for long.

In order to participate in the Faction War, players should become an active member of one of the participating factions: Scavengers or Steppenwolves - to stand on the side of the Brotherhood, Lunatics or Firestarters - on the side of the Kaganate. The event will consist of five stages, each lasting one week, and the successes of one side or the other will influence the final reward for players.

 17 October 2023

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