Battle for Stalingrad starts in Enlisted

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announce the release of the Battle for Stalingrad major Content Update for the WW2 online shooter Enlisted. The Stalingrad campaign features a new monetization and progression system that provides simpler and faster access to new weapons and vehicles. Other new features include soldier and vehicle customization, bomber raids, legendary Stalingrad snipers and pilots, flamethrower tanks, medic squads, and more.

The Battle for Stalingrad was one of the decisive moments of World War II. Enlisted’s Battle for Stalingrad includes carefully reproduced iconic structures such as the headquarters of the German Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, as well as authentic weapons and equipment used by both sides like flamethrower tanks. Players can even use legendary snipers Vasily Zaitsev and Erwin Koenig, or Tatyana Sumarokova and Mariya Smirnova (the female pilots from the historical Night Witches squadron) and use them in battle. 

The campaign is available for free, although some of its levels are exclusive to owners of the access pack. Owners of this pack receive soldiers and weapons already trained and improved to the pre-maximum level, so they’ll be able to progress through the campaign faster and without any extra expenses. Players can optionally pay for cosmetic items for soldiers, such as fur hats, belts, and pouches, to customize their appearance to their taste, while remaining within historical accuracy.

Among the new types of weapons and equipment are the Hungarian Kiraly submachine gun, the French Potez 633 dive bomber under the Romanian flag, as well as the ampoule gun that shoots flammable liquid capsules, and the legendary Maxim machine gun first introduces in 1910.

Bomber raids could be now summoned by the radio operators as an alternative to existing options like an artillery strike on target. Bomber squadrons take 2 minutes to arrive and they could be shot down by enemy anti-aircraft guns or fighter planes.

Medics are a new class of soldiers in Enlisted. They can both help the wounded right on the battlefield, and distribute first-aid kits to allies so that they can take care of themselves. All direct and indirect assistance with treatment is rewarded with experience points.

Other Enlisted’s campaigns like the Battle for Moscow or Invasion of Normandy have also got new missions, soldiers and gear.

You can read more about Enlisted and the update on the game's official website

 19 April 2022

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