Dagor Engine gone Open Source

A few months ago, we quietly open-sourced some parts of our Dagor Engine under the BSD-3 license. This isn't a new practice for us, nor will it be the last time we engage with the open-source community in this way - our daScript and Quirrell programming languages have been available at our GitHub repository for a couple of years. We deeply believe in the FOSS approach and its future central role in game development.

Recently, this action has gotten attention, leading to much speculation. The decision to make Dagor Engine open-source was not merely a standalone act but a piece of a much larger vision, and we’re almost ready to give you the first glimpse on the projects we've been working on for quite a while now.

Look forward to our comprehensive announcement this November. Stay tuned!


Q: Does this mean that you’re planning to make your games (i.e. War Thunder) open source as well?

A: This is not in our plans.

Q: Do these plans have anything to do with the recently announced Nau Engine?

A: No. In fact, rumors that they have decided to use parts of Dagor were a surprise for us. Anyway, this is how an open-source approach works: anyone can take the code now to create something new and innovate. We're glad they chose Dagor, and we hope that others will follow their example.

Q: Are you planning to open-source console support?

A: License agreement and NDAs regulate what we can and we can't do in regards to consoles. It is legally impossible to openly publish code related to proprietary platforms' support. However, if there will be demand from properly licensed developers we would be happy to assist.

 02 November 2023

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