Enlisted launched an event depicting an effective soldier motivation program

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce that Enlisted, the authentic World War II shooter, has added an Operation: Breaking Dead event. It is dedicated to the secret programs of the World War II participants focused on increasing the motivation of soldiers, which significantly increased their effectiveness in battle. When developing it, the game developers consulted with historians, HR specialists and combat chemists-pharmacists.

The first highly motivated fighters in Enlisted are soldiers whose desire to fight and win is enhanced by the efforts of the German chemical industry. According to scholars and experts, this approach helped the German army advance quickly in the early days of the European campaign and achieve a swift victory over France. All new squad types in Enlisted are developed in strict accordance with historical documents that the developers were able to obtain from the BND archives. Unfortunately highly motivated fighters are too effective for being controlled by players directly, therefore, to maintain balance, new units fight under AI control.

Based on the results of testing, playable motivated squads will appear in the lineups of all countries, and their abilities will reflect best local HR practices.

The Operation: Breaking Dead event will last until April 8th. To motivate players to participate, unique decorations and other rewards will be given for success in battles.

 01 April 2024

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