Enlisted: Reinforced is preparing to land on Steam

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce that the military online shooter Enlisted: Reinforced, dedicated to all the major participants and covering all the key battles of World War II, will be released on Steam. This will be an updated and improved version of Enlisted, a game that is currently available on PC through the Gaijin.Net service, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox. Enlisted: Reinforced will be released in Q1 2024, but you can already add the shooter to your wishlist on Steam.

Enlisted: Reinforced will include all maps, soldier squads, weapons, ground vehicles, aircraft, and gameplay features that have been added to Enlisted as the game expanded and evolved. Players will experience WW2 as soldiers of all major powers (USA, UK, Australia, USSR, Germany, Italy and Japan), will see key battles and theaters of war (Pacific, Normandy, Berlin, Stalingrad, Moscow, Ardennes and Tunisia), and will use hundreds of realistically recreated weapons and vehicles, which are grouped into four convenient tech trees. Improved matchmaking system chooses opponents with an arsenal of approximately the same level.

Enlisted will also be updated to Enlisted: Reinforced on all other platforms where the game is available.

Enlisted players using the Gaijin.Net service will be able to transfer all progress to the Steam version within one month after the release of Enlisted: Reinforced.

“We hope that this time will be enough for all our players who prefer Steam to make their choice,” explains Anton Yudintsev, founder of Gaijin Entertainment. “If it’s important to players that the money from their purchases reaches the developers in full, they can continue to use Gaijin.Net.”

 23 January 2024

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