Stalingrad Tractor Plant and high caliber machine guns are the stars in the new Enlisted update

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment announce the latest update for their hit military online action game Enlisted. The update, called "High Caliber", introduces high caliber machine guns, a completely new fighting zone, the Stalingrad Tractor Plant (STP), as well as smoke shells feature. Phosphorus grenades that debuted in the Pacific campaign during the last update are now also available in the Battle of Tunisia and Invasion of Normandy. All these new features will make the already massive and believable Enlisted battles even closer to the real legendary World War II battles.

The new update adds the ability for engineers in machine gunner squads to deploy .50 cal heavy machine guns with, which are capable of piercing through multiple enemy soldiers, tearing the wings off aircraft, and even shredding through the armor of light tanks and SPAAGs. All playable nations in the game will receive one of these machine guns: US Army will use the legendary M2 Browning, the Japanese use the powerful Type 93, the Germans have put an airborne MG-131 into operation, and Soviet soldiers tear the enemy to shreds with the DShK.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer players even more realism and immersion with the 'High Caliber' update," said Sergey Kolganov, game director of Enlisted. "These machine guns add a whole new level of strategy to the game, and we can't wait to see how players use them on the battlefield."

The Stalingrad Tractor Plant  was a tractor manufacturing enterprise, but then when the war started, it switched to tank construction. STP kept working even while the city was under siege, actively repairing damaged tanks, and its workers directly took part in defensive fighting around the area, and that is exactly what Enlisted is recreating. The visuals and the layout are based on the real archive photos and videos.

The STP was able to switch to a full manufacturing cycle, supplying the lines with all of the necessary parts for tank construction. Enlisted players will be able to walk through various workshops specialized for different purposes: casting, production and even assembly lines with unfinished T-34s still remaining on them. Meanwhile, the outside of the plant is still in the grip of a harsh winter. Winter camouflage will absolutely come in handy here (winter clothing for soldiers and white paint for tanks is already available in customization). 

Update brings dozens of other new or upgraded pieces of military gear like SIG 1920 submachine gun or the Type Ko rifle, or even the MG 15 with a specialized "Saddle-Drum" double magazine with a capacity of 75 rounds, as well as the RPD-44 machine gun prototype. The new vehicles include a M3 Stuart modification with a flamethrower instead of the hull machine gun, that is excellent to repel enemy infantry approaching from the front.

You can check the full list of changes and new features on the official Enlisted website.

 19 December 2022

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