War Thunder developers send players into outer space!

Gaijin Entertainment gives military vehicle simulation fans yet another option to spend their days in a safe way – our next project titled Space Thunder. The new vehicle type – space forces that engage in orbital battles will be open today for the next few days in the Events menu of the War Thunder game client.

Zero gravity and the open vacuum nature of the battleground dictates that only special space combat modules operated by professional pilots can be used. Resource harvesting in space has never been a peaceful and safe endeavour, but the Earth corporations managed to coexist somehow until one day researchers found a valuable artifact on the Moon. Said artifact was a powerful weapon called “Object 279” that became the main prize of the “Space race” in War Thunder.  As game fans might guess themselves, the space combat modules featured in Space Thunder are as realistic as possible and were based on the documents available to the development team.

Like in the real world, there are several classes of space combat modules with different armaments, shielding and maneuverability. While some players might like the role of the fast recon specialist that easily flanks enemies and rains machine gun fire on them, other players might prefer the role of a heavy support unit that shoots targets from afar using guided missiles or maybe grab the heavily armoured module and rush into close combat. All the modules are equipped with powerful sensors that detect both enemy units and incoming missiles.

War Thunder fans that would rather stay true to the classic vehicles like tanks, jets, helicopters and ships, have all the chances of participating in the Space race as well. Like the Space Thunder pilots, they will get valuable resources and components just by playing the game. These resources can be used to build a rocket, fill it with fuel and launch it to the Moon to secure parts of the Object 279 tank. This machine is quite precious, so the whole vehicle or even a part of it can be exchanged for one of the other rare prizes which are the US AU-1 Corsair attack plane, the German Sd.Kfz.234/1 Armoured Car and the British SGB (S309) gunboat.

About War Thunder
War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece with millions of fans worldwide, that allows players to fight their way across air, land, and sea in the same battlefield. War Thunder offers 1,000+ playable aircraft, armored vehicles and ships from the early 1930s to the Cold War, including ground vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s that feature technologies typical for modern tank construction. The US, Soviet, British, German, Italian, Japanese, and French military vehicles represented in game are carefully researched, historically accurate recreations of their real world counterparts. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates. Official website: http://warthunder.com

 01 April 2020

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