War Thunder


The update brings a new nation, a shipborne aircraft feature, dozens of new vehicles and new effects
15 December 2021
Terramorphing technology makes ground battles even more realistic and offers players more tactical options. Aviation fans get the chance to try the first two aircrafts from Israel, which is going to be the next tech tree nation to be added to War Thunder. The update also brings dozens of other military vehicles and three new maps.
23 November 2021
Players will get an airborne combat vehicle, guided bombs and naval fire-control systems.
27 August 2021
The latest content update “Red Skies” brings MiG-23M fighter jets, better nuclear blasts and more
02 June 2021
Dozens of new ships, tanks and jets are waiting for the players in the Ixwa Strike update.
16 March 2021
An update to the War Thunder engine introduces realistically simulated caterpillar tracks that get quite hot in the heat of the battle
21 December 2020