It's Mad Thunder time now

Gaijin Entertainment announces the start of beta testing of the new realistic military simulation game called Mad Thunder. According to UN experts, a global cataclysm is inevitable in the coming years, and almost all of humanity will die. We would like to help our players get ready for the future after the disaster. Unlike other military games, Mad Thunder won’t feature any “tech trees” of centralized countries or battles of modern high-tech armies. Real future wars will be fought by bands of desert warriors looking for loot and glory, and they’ll build and upgrade their military vehicles using whatever scraps available.

In the near future, those who can will form gangs, and those left behind will try to survive alone. In both cases, there is only one way to survive a raid into the wasteland: grab all available resources, bring down your competitors and ride off into the sunset before the entire location is destroyed by a huge sandstorm. Although the civilization we are familiar with will cease to exist in the near future, some fragments of it will still survive – i.e. electronic components, car parts, pieces of armor and simply scrap metal, which can be used to build new military vehicles.

The Mad Thunder beta test has already started and will last until April 22, and anyone can sow death and destruction directly from the War Thunder game client. After the event ends, the most successful raiders will have a set of unique decals picturing a girl from the future the event portrays. Players will be able to decorate their tanks in War Thunder with those decals and have fun in the last days before the end of the world.

 01 April 2024

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