War Thunder presents two new modes based on real world military competitions

War Thunder presents two new modes based on real world military competitions

Exclusive Tank Biathlon and Sea Biathlon events coincide with International Army Games

Gaijin Entertainment announces that military online action game War Thunder just got two events based on real world military sporting events. Tank Biathlon is a recreation of the international tankers competition with the same name that premiered in 2013 as a part of International Army Games and has gathered dozens of participating countries since then. Sea Biathlon is inspired by both Tank Biathlon and Sea Battle competitions from the aforementioned International Army Games. Both events will be available from August 23rd to September 5th to coincide with the original competitions held this year.

Both Biathlon events are about four crews entering the race and striving to reach the finish line first. Tankers need to pass the obstacle course: overpass, snake, water barrier, whilst hitting the target from the main calibre cannon and machine gun by shooting from the static position and whilst moving. There are 8 playable nations available. Players either choose the T-72B3 or T-80U tank and apply a specific nation’s camo to it (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Syria, Kirghizia, Armenia, or Serbia), or choose the ZTZ96A that already has the Chinese camo on it. Sea Biathlon is a competition for Pr.206 "Shershen" torpedo boats that destroy various targets using the main calibre cannons and torpedoes. Each destroyed target activates a short boost.

Each biathlon victory will be rewarded with camouflage vouchers for either tanks or ships. Distinctive tank biathlon camos (red, blue, green and yellow) will be available for the following vehicles: Т-72B3, T-80U, M1A2 Abrams, Leopard 2A5, Challenger 2 (2F), Type 90 (B), ZTZ96A, Ariete PSO, Leclerc and Strv 122. Sea Biathlon reward camos will be available for Asheville (PGM-84), TS-Boot Proj. 206, Project 206, Fairmile D (697), Chikugo, Saetta P-494.

Both biathlon events are available to all War Thunder players for free and all necessary vehicles are provided automatically

About War Thunder
War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece with millions of fans worldwide, that allows players to fight their way across air, land, and sea in the same battlefield. War Thunder offers 1,700+ playable aircraft, armored vehicles and ships from the early 1930s to the Cold War, including ground vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s that feature technologies typical for modern tank construction. The US, Soviet, British, German, Italian, Japanese, and French military vehicles represented in game are carefully researched, historically accurate recreations of their real world counterparts. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates. Official website: http://warthunder.com

 31 August 2020

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