A Terramorphing revolution changes War Thunder ground battles

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the ‘Ground Breaking’ major Content Update for the military online action game War Thunder. Terramorphing technology makes ground battles even more realistic and offers players more tactical options. Aviation fans get the chance to try the first two aircrafts from Israel, which is going to be the next tech tree nation to be added to War Thunder. The update also brings dozens of other military vehicles and three new maps.

The terramorphing feature allows players to change the ground’s surface in real time and create cover or obstacles. Ground vehicles with self-entrenching equipment installed (i.e. the Soviet BMP-3 or the British Chieftain with dozer blade) are now able to quickly build tank scrapes anywhere where there are no buildings, rocks, boulders, ice or paved roads around. Air bombs weighing approximately 50kg or above, heavy rocket and missile explosions now form a crater, the diameter and depth of which depend on the power of the blast.

Israel, one of the leading producers and operators of military vehicles, will become the next playable nation in War Thunder. The Closed Beta Test of the Israeli Air Force will start in the next major content update, but two packs with premium aircraft are already available for purchase in War Thunder. Their owners will be the first to get access to that CBT. One of the packs contains a Spitfire LF Mk IXe in the livery of the personal aircraft of Ezer Weizman, a RAF veteran pilot, who later became the president of Israel! An alternative pack is available with the A-4E Skyhawk, a late Israeli modification of one of the best strike aircraft in the game.

There are more new toys to play with, including the light Ystervark South African mobile anti-air unit, Cold War era destroyer USS ​​Mitscher and three versions of fast and deadly German Wiesel armored vehicles. The Wiesel 1A4 is the basic variant with a 20mm Rheinmetall 202/20 cannon. The Wiesel 1A2 is equipped with a launcher for the TOW-2 ATGM, tandem warhead TOW-2A and TOW-2B, able to hit tanks from above. Finally, Ozelot is a version with Stinger SAM on board.

The Aral Sea map puts ground and air vehicles fighting at the shores of a dried out sea, where a port with cargo terminals, fish processing plants, bulk carriers and fishing vessels were abandoned a long time ago. Bourbon Island is a location for air battles inspired by Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. A characteristic feature of this large and flat shaped area is the gigantic craters of volcanic origin with a wide flat bottom – calderas. Finally, the Vyborg Bay location for War Thunder coastal vessels has been created using the magnificent northern nature of the Vyborg Bay near Medyanskaya Bay. Players fight inside a dense cluster of rocky islands covered with forest – so called skerries. 

The full list of changes in the update is available at the official War Thunder website.

 23 November 2021

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