War Thunder Edge is ready to strike

Gaijin Entertainment is happy to announce that War Thunder Edge, a new military action online game for mobile devices, is under development and will enter Closed Beta testing in the coming months. The game is a spin-off of award-winning international hit War Thunder for PC and consoles, bringing the very essence of the authentic War Thunder experience to mobile gaming enthusiasts. 

War Thunder Edge players will take control of a selection of legendary tanks, warships and warplanes and fight in intense combined battles. For example, a player may spawn in a plane and sink an enemy battleship in a naval battle or cover allies from an attack from above. The game will feature realistic damage and flight models and historically accurate vehicles as expected from a War Thunder game, while the progression system will be adapted for mobile experience and will allow players to get access to new vehicles from all nations in a quick and straightforward manner.

“Players have been asking us to bring War Thunder to mobile devices for many years”, - remembers Anton Yudintsev, the co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment, - “We had to make sure first that powerful enough hardware is widely available to the players, and that the mobile gaming audience is ready for hardcore games like War Thunder. Now we think the time is just right”.

War Thunder Edge is developed by a new internal team at Gaijin Entertainment overseen by developers of original War Thunder. The game uses in-house cross-platform Dagor engine (the one that powers War Thunder, Enlisted and other Gaijin games) that guarantees top-notch graphics and the support of latest technologies on all devices. For example, War Thunder Edge will support Qualcomm Technologies' newly announced real-time Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing on Snapdragon-powered mobile devices from day one of the Closed Beta. Gaijin worked closely with Qualcomm to enable this industry-leading Snapdragon technology that will enhance overall visual quality and immersion by adding ray-traced smooth shadows with realistic penumbras, translucency, self-shadowing, and other effects.

War Thunder Edge is focused on legendary vehicles that are well known from the history books and provide a distinctive gameplay experience, ranging from Tiger tank to Il-2 Sturmovik attack plane and Yamato battleship. The Closed Beta version will feature dozens of those from the USA, Germany, Japan, UK and USSR World War II line-ups, and future updates will expand beyond that and introduce newer vehicles all the way up to the modern military hardware. Players will be able to unlock all sorts of light and heavy tanks, self-propelled guns, air defense systems, fighters and bombers, destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The developers are also looking forward to implementing playable submarines and aircraft carriers, and are experimenting a lot to create a new, believable and fun military action simulation on mobile devices and beyond.

“Basically we tried to pinpoint what edge does War Thunder have over other games on the market, and focus on bringing exactly that to mobile”, - explains Sergey Kolganov, game director of War Thunder Edge.

Stay tuned for more War Thunder Edge news coming soon.

 16 November 2022

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