War Thunder Mobile open beta testing has started on Android devices

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce the beginning of the open beta testing of the new online military action game War Thunder Mobile. For now, the game is only available for Android devices and is distributed in APK format at the official website. In the next few months it will also be released on Google Play and on iOS devices. 

The game was announced in November 2022 under the name War Thunder Edge and has since gone through several stages of alpha testing, during which it received its final name - War Thunder Mobile. There are no plans to reset the player progress made in the open beta, so all unlocked vehicles will remain with players in the release version as well.

War Thunder Mobile carries over the main thing from War Thunder for PC and consoles - large-scale cooperative battles of legendary ground, naval and air vehicles (like World War II era Il-2 ground-attack aircraft or Cold War era Leopard tanks) that use physically correct flight and damage models. Every tank and plane looks and tech specifications are historically accurate, so in order to effectively destroy the enemy players need to study the internal architecture of the vehicle, the location of key components and crewmen and the armor layout. At the same time the game controls are convenient and intuitive, so anyone can quickly get used to War Thunder and start winning.

The new game focuses on the most interesting and well-known models of tanks, ships and aircraft of all eras - and even at the start of the open beta there are already more than 200 units, and among them is the battleship Yamato, which has not yet debuted in the original War Thunder. In addition, there are submarines in naval battles, and other content and mechanics unique to War Thunder Mobile are possible in the future. Finally, the progression system, created specifically for War Thunder Mobile, will allow players to easily try out equipment from different countries - like the legendary German Tiger II tanks and modern American fighting vehicles M3 Bradley, and after the upcoming updates the game will feature Abrams family tanks. 


More information on War Thunder Mobile is available at the new official website of the game, which was opened simultaneously with the start of the OBT.

 05 May 2023

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