17 December 2021 Enlisted adds an armoured train to a shooter game

The “Armoured Train” update includes dozens of new missions, weapons, soldier squads, tanks and planes

15 December 2021 An Israeli sky awaits War Thunder players

The update brings a new nation, a shipborne aircraft feature, dozens of new vehicles and new effects

2 December 2021 CRSED: F.O.A.D. shooter got “Fangs”

This update brings a new playable character and cross-platform multiplayer

25 November 2021 Crossout’s war with the Ravagers reaches breaking point

New weapons and vehicle parts help players to repel the invasion

29 October 2021 A ‘Terramorphing’ revolution changes War Thunder ground battles

The first Israeli aircraft and dozens of other vehicles have also been introduced in the ‘Ground Breaking’ major update

23 September 2021 Art horror game Shadows of Kurgansk launches on all current consoles

Experience the mysterious Zone that questions your sanity

13 September 2021 Battle of Tunisia campaign CBT started in Enlisted

The update brings Italian and British troops and a trench digging feature

27 August 2021 War Thunder update is aiming for a direct hit

Players will get an airborne combat vehicle, guided bombs and naval fire-control systems.

2 June 2021 More Reds are now flying in War Thunder skies

The latest content update “Red Skies” brings MiG-23M fighter jets, better nuclear blasts and more


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