Military vehicle combat MMO in true 4K resolution - War never looked so good on your TV!
27 October 2017
Crossout's Halloween Update introduces spooky night battles, themed decorative vehicle parts and the new Witch Hunt PvP mode.
19 October 2017
War Thunder to receive new major Update introducing French aircraft.
11 October 2017
New faction opens hovers tech, laser weapons and more Sci-Fi parts to all players as well as two new maps.
21 September 2017
Content Update extends Ground Forces to Rank VI, adds new vehicles, maps and gameplay improvements.
18 September 2017
Players get the opportunity to unlock four rare vehicles for free in yearly event series and try out five Destroyer-class warships in Naval Forces mode.
28 July 2017
Version 0.7.2 adds Nvidia HBAO+ Support, New Brawl Mode, Clan Wars & More.
18 July 2017
Sixth major nation successfully concludes closed testing with further vehicle additions already in the pipeline.
14 July 2017
Major Star Conflict update adds new customizeable spacecraft, improvements to the ingame market and other features and improvements.
30 June 2017
Survivors from all over the globe celebrate the post-apocalyptic vehicle mayhem on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One
29 June 2017
Accompanying update adds several new features, including a fifth playable faction.
30 May 2017
Update 1.69 adds Italy as new major nation and introduces new vehicles, locations and features including support for PlayStation®4 Pro.
25 May 2017